This drawing machine is the first of a serie. I rebuild a clock and turned it into a drawing machine. The spectator can put in his own Tachometerdisk and adjust the pencil and drawingneedles. He creates his own unique drawing.
The Comtoise Tachometer is made of a 19th century Comtoise Clock from France, parts of a ‘Zaanse’ Clock, a pencil and handmade parts by me.
First exhibited at ThisArtFair 2015 in De Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam.

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The work is about ownership and assumptions.
The ‘Tachometers’ (Tachometers) are made by a clockbuilder, designed by me and produce drawings made by the spectator. The design dictates the movement of the pencils, but the spectator determines the speed and time and therefor the resulting drawing.

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