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Roam-ring (Zwerfklank) was made for the festival ‘Zwerfklank 2015’ in the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam. Later it was exhibited at ThisArtFair in De Beurs van Berlage (video) (dec/2015-jan/2016).The sculpture is made of steel, the interior of a piano and the motor of an electric scootmobile.

The ‘Zwerfklank’ (Roam-ring) is about a poetic response to the name of a Festival where it was first exhibited. Can the spectator let go of the idea that it is a piano? Do the legs and the movement make it a living creature?

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The works are very technical. The materials and the technique itself are not very sophisticated, in the sense of making use of modern, state of the art, electronics or computers. They are about questions such as there are about robotics and ownership. Modern society, with ‘sharing economy’, ‘part-ups’ and growing possibilities through robotics, raises a lot of philosophical and ethical questions.
The work is not a comment on either of these issues, but urges the need to contemplate and think about them.

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