About my work

My work is inspired by movements of natural living things and mechanisms.

The visual and tangible poetry,  like a ballet with no choreography, growing through evolution.

Mechanisms and natural movements melt together and become kinetic objects that relate to natural forms. 

Sometimes it points out the relativeness of the perception. Like the installation “Ammophila Arenaria” (latin for dunegrass). The idea sprung to mind when I was walking through the dunes near Bergen. The poetic moving of waving grass caused by gushes of wind was wonderful to see. Dunegrass feels like natural poetry, though it is planted in batches of 9 plants per square meter to hold the sand in place. Nothing natural to it, purely functional. It is a man-created natural protection against the sea.

Sometimes the movement of a mechanism inspires and to me relates to a natural form, such as happened with the Heron’s. The folding-mechanism of the umbrella-‘legs’ is beautiful, a wonderful movement when it opens and collapses. And somehow it looked to me like a Heron.