Ammophila Arenaria is the Latin name for Dunegrass.

I saw Dunegrass wave in the wind during a walk near the Dutch Beach. Dunegrass is great when it’s bad weather and you are feeling down, or in spring and summer when you enjoy being in love. It always seems to fit a certain poetic feeling.

As it turns out dunegrass is planted in batches of nine plants per squaremeter, and it feels like you are walking in nature. But it is purely functional to keep the dunesand in place to protect Holland from being flooded by the sea.

I wanted ta catch the poetic movements of the dunegrass. I wanted it to be in modules so you can create your own dunelandscape anywhere you like.

It was shown at This Art Fair 2017 at De Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, at Main Office Hoogheemraadschap Noorderkwartier Heerhugowaard, and at Museum de Fundatie Zwolle.

The plants are single stalks made of pianostrings. Each stalk is connected to a servo and is assigned through an Arduino-chip to wave gently as if a soft wind is blowing. When the plants are placed next to each other they read how the other plants are moving. Then they will slowly start adjusting till all plants are making a movement together as if a gush of wind blows through them. After this they have to start all over again.

Museum de Fundatie


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