The serie of Herons stretches out during my career from 2004 uptill today.

During “New riddles and constellations” in 2005, organized by Merel van ’t Hullenaar and Monique Besten, I made an altar in the St. Nicolaas chapel of the Sandberg Institute.

On the altar was the first Heron. A silver moon made of a spoon slowly rising and setting on the left side, while an the right side a Heron slowly stretched itself towards the light. At full stretch its beak dramatically fell open as if it was dying. Then it would slowly settle down again. The whole cycle took almost 4 minutes.

The Heron was made of an umbrella-leg, a cardboard beak and a Gauloise-commercial element for the wings.

The working principle of the umbrella-leg, the one of the really small foldable umbrella’s, to me is beautiful in how it moves while folding and stretching. There is a certain dramatic poetry to it embedded in a daily-use-object. Perhaps thats why I saw the resemblance with the heron prior to a stork or a crane.

Sunrise Heron

Heronlike bird


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