Natura Artis Magistra

In Artis, Amsterdam zoo, I saw flamingo’s and was inspired by the way they stepped around and moved their snakelike-necks.

When I did some online research, I ran into a National Geographic video on their mating dance. A beautiful pink cloud moving horizontally in a plane with underneath a wild jungle of thin, fast moving legs and above a lot of black flags (beaks) flipping from one side to the other. The mechanical movements as a dance in the search for the partner for life!

Romance meets mechanics!

When  we design robotics or affiliated matters we tend to make it as smooth moving or as efficient as nature does, or try to improve it by making good use of its qualities. However, sometimes when a movement in nature strikes me, I tend to see basic mechanics. It can be beautiful, poetic or humorous, maybe it helps me to relate to natural phenomena when I bring it back to elementary comprehensible movements.

I like to surprise you and make you wonder about the way my work is moving or interacts with you. You encounter movements that are abstractions of movements I see in nature that I have turned into mechanisms.

The flamingo’s I am building are 3D-drawings made of aluminium-strip which will be anodized in pink. The mechanics are similar to old fashioned toys with crankshaft drive for the legs. The crankshaft is also connected to a lever that flips the beak of the bird. All will be connected to an electrical motor.

The Flamingo’s will be shown at ThisArtFair 2020 at De Kromhouthal Amsterdam.


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